The Right Accommodation To Choose

The travel plans are never complete if you haven’t planned where you will be living while travelling. Choosing the right accommodation is not that easy because it involves many factors like;

  • Length of stay
  • Budget
  • Facilities
  • Location
  • Purpose of travel

Luckily now we have an option available in term of accommodation. Otherwise, in recent past, all have to stuck with hotels. Hotels are not bad but sometimes you don’t have enough budget to afford hotels and if you are a budget traveller then why to pay hotels, when you are ready to stay whatever you get in your budget. Here will be looking into types of accommodation and which will be suitable for whom.

  • Hotels: The hotel still is the number one choice that comes into your mind when you think about accommodation. But this also one of the expensive options. Usually, now, the hotels are a good choice of business traveller as their trips are often short. They also need all the facilities and ready to pay for them. Families and leisure travellers also choose hotels but again if they have enough money to spend on it. 
  • Serviced Apartments: The Serviced apartments are now popular among family or group of friends. The apartment provides ample of space, comes with an area for cooking and laundry. Also, they are quite cheaper than the hotel. If you are planning to stay 4-5 days at any place then the apartment will be ideal. If you manage to choose good apartments, you might get all the facilities that are offered by hotels like the swimming pool, cafes, gym etc. For leisure travellers on a budget, the apartments are becoming the first choice.
  • Hostel: This for lone traveller or group of friends. But the hostel provides very limited facilities. Like bed to sleep, locker for luggage and shared bathroom for the people. But it is the super saver and if you are not cautioned about your accommodation facilities, then this will save you a lot of money. Usually, they are only 20-30% of hotel room price or even cheaper. But always try to book the hostel in advance as they are usually flooded with travellers. Sometimes hostels don’t provide the same level of hygiene in comparison of others option.
  • Rental: This is the comparatively new trend but now it is beating all other types. Apps like Airbnb helps you to find the place to live. It can be room, apartment or penthouse. Here you can choose the accommodation of your choice depending upon your requirements. Many people are switching towards this mode of accommodation because it can service every type of traveller, business, student or leisure. You will be able to get an expensive place to hire or the cheaper one, all is on you.
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